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Flatscan 3D SW Experience

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Managing people flow is a daily challenge. Every day, millions of people are passing through automated swing doors. Our mission is to offer the highest safety level while ensuring a comfortable and hygienic use for everyone.



The LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW is the first volumetric sensor specially designed for swing doors. Using laser time-of-flight technology, its 3D detection field guarantees a full-safety coverage of the leaf, the hinge area and the leading edge of the door. Completely touchless. It offers the maximum comfort for the users avoiding unexpected movement of the door leaves.

One for all. All in one.

Based on advanced laser technology, the LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW fits every situation whatever the door type or environment. Reflective floors, guiderails or mats are all ingeniously managed by the sensor in compliance with safety regulations EN 16005 and DIN 18650.

Redefining comfort & safety

The 4 laser curtains create a volumetric coverage in front of the door leaves. This 3D field changes the every-day life for many users, especially for the most vulnerable ones like disabled people or children.
3D volumetric coverage
Thanks to 4 laser curtains, the pathway is fully covered in 3D. This high-definition field can detect people or objects and send the right message to the door controller to open or remain open. Right on time. Unnecessary movements of the door are reduced and preserve it for years.
Completely safe. Always.
The LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW offers increased comfort. Users can pass through the door at their own pace without being surprised by sudden door movements. Because the product acts like a virtual contact mat, the door only closes when it’s free of any objects.

Removing all risks

All the edges are safe. The LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW anticipates people approaching the risky area. Even the main closing edge is now covered by a specific zone during closing.

Leaf zone coverage

The leaf zone is fully covered by 4 laser curtains. Any risk of contact with the door is prevented because it detects all the objects in the pathway and starts closing only when the door area is free of people or objects.

Hygienic hinge zone coverage

The 4 laser curtains can detect fingers in this sensitive area. These high-density curtains offer a precise detection for all small objects in the hinge zone. Moreover, it offers a hygienic solution by avoiding the installation of mechanical fingerguards. No need for cleaning and bacteria-free.

Leading edge zone coverage

Now the leading edge is dynamically protected and allows the door to stop or reopen when needed, during the closing of the door. The LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW is increasing the safety of the leading edge.

Hygienic opening

The Flatscan 3D SW has an additional output dedicated to the opening of the door. Multiple virtual opening buttons can be placed everywhere in the detection field to intentionally open the door. Even entire curtains can be used to do the job. Completely hygienic.
Leaf zone opening
The laser curtains also offer an opening feature. By entering the detection field, the door will open.
Virtual opening button
Intentional opening is the perfect hygienic solution. You can place 2 virtual opening buttons up to 4 m around the sensor.This way, the door can be activated by a hand or a foot movement.

Simply Magic

Launch the teach-in process. The size of the detection field is defined by a simple hand movement. The sensor will automatically launch an opening cycle to learn the environment.
Discover Simply magic
Intuitive installation
The teach-in process is made by a simple hand gesture.
Easy retrofit
They share the same mounting base for easy retrofitting.
Perfect match
The FLATSCAN safety sensor for swing doors can be combined according to your application.
Design harmony
Their design is harmonized to be discreet and look good on all types of doors.

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