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MEET our teams

Sales team

BEA’s sales team is a on hand and ready to assist our customers with any of their questions.

  • Michel Pranic Sales Director
  • Olivier Claes Head of Area Central Europe
  • Rudy Polese Sales Manager
  • Martin Mond Technical Sales
  • Monika Dhur Customer Officer D-A-CH
  • Ulrike Grävinghoff Customer Officer D-A-CH
  • Sebastien Schnackers Technical Sales
  • Oliver Rentmeister Sales Manager Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Nynke Kiestra Customer Officer Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Mike Vervoort Head of Area Northern Europe
  • Corinne Pirlot Customer Officer North
  • Isabelle Bodart Customer Officer North
  • Hélène Rubens Technical Sales
  • Laura Joway Customer Officer North
  • Alessandro Maccio Head of Area Southern Europe
  • andy-brasseur
    Andy Brasseur Area Sales Manager - Southern Europe
  • Marie-Pierre Galler Area Sales Manager
  • Carmelo Sutera Area Sales Manager
  • Alessia Rodaro Customer Officer South
  • sara-monino
    Sara Monino Customer Officer South
  • valentin-novakovic
    Valentin Novakovic Head of New Business Development
  • Rachel Fransolet Customer Officer
  • Laurent Giaccio Sales Manager Europe People Counting Solutions
  • Raphael Hilligsmann Business Development Manager
  • Laura Framba Business Developer
  • Carole Klein Sales Secretary
  • Marc Jackers Orders & Service Manager

Technical support

BEA’s Technical support department is a on hand and ready to assist our customers with any of their questions.

  • Marie-Laurence Jeandrain Head of Technical & Sales Support
  • Ariane Holper Technical Support Specialist
  • Karim Benioucef Technical Support Specialist
  • stefan-schornstein
    Stefan Schornstein Technical Support Specialist
  • Sandra Lambion Technical Helpdesk Administrator
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