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Who we are BEA

Who we are

The company

BEA is a leading manufacturer of sensing solutions for automatic doors systems. The company was founded in 1965 and its headquarters are located in Liège, Belgium. BEA also has offices in the United States, Japan and China and our products can be found across the globe.

Success within the pedestrian market and rapid advancements in technology has fueled BEA’s growth into new markets and we now also offer a complete line of access control, safety and security solutions for industrial-, security- and transportation-based segments.

Looking forward, BEA continues to design and develop solutions for new applications like vehicle and people counting solutions.

the company BEA

Mission & values

In cooperation with the industry, BEA develops sensor solutions aimed at increasing the performance of automatic equipment and improving comfort and safety for the user.

  • Teamwork
    one Team, one Direction
  • Innovation
    Shaping the future together
  • Empowerment
    Encourage decision-making
  • Respect
    For us, for our customers, for our stakeholders
  • Passion
    We are motivated to achieve our most ambitious goals
BEA people

BEA People

Around the world, BEA employs more than 500 enthusiastic and talented people who invest their time, talent and energy into the advancement of the BEA brand. From engineering and production to sales and support, the BEA team is dedicated to bringing our customers the highest level of satisfaction, both with our products and the support they receive.

  • wim-vandenberghe
    Wim Vandenberghe Chief Executive Officer
  • philippe-lengele
    Philippe Lengelé Chief Financial Officer
  • pierre-gardier
    Pierre Gardier Chief Technology Officer
  • Laurent Sarlette Chief Marketing Officer (co-opted)
  • Pierre-Yves Guidi Operations Director (co-opted)
  • elmar-koch
    Elmar Koch Managing Director Europe
  • Tim Blanke President America
  • Olivier De Boeck Managing Director Asia
  • philippe-vangenecthen
    Philippe Van Genechten Non Executive
  • elmar-koch
    Elmar Koch Managing Director
  • rocco-liradelfo
    Rocco Liradelfo Finance Manager
  • Michel Pranic Sales Director
  • Isabelle Faway HR Manager
  • Olivier De Boeck Managing Director
  • Christina Liu Financial Director
  • Susan Su R&D Director
  • Yvonne Liu HR Director
  • Fred Wang Plant Director
  • Vivek Krishnan Marketing Director
  • Tim Blanke President America
  • Tim Chiapetta VP of Sales
  • Jason Altman Director of Sales
  • Matt Veres Director of Finance
  • Paul Battle Director of Operations
  • SriRam Gopalan Director of Marketing
A halma company

HALMA logo

Since 2002, BEA has been a part of Halma, a global holding company headquartered in the
United Kingdom.
Halma-owned companies produce products and services for markets related to health, safety and environmental safety. BEA operates within the Infrastructure Safety Division of HALMA plc.


BEA History

Fernand Van Genechte

Founding of the company Bureau d’Electronique Appliquée by Fernand Van Genechten with the aim of developing electronic projects for industrial applications.


BEA received the Oscar for Exports by the Belgian government.

BEA, Inc. in Pittsburgh

Founding of an American subsidiary: BEA, Inc. in Pittsburgh, USA

Belgian Electronic Research

Founding of the B.E.R. (Belgian Electronic Research) department.

BEA Electronics Beijing

Founding of the first Asian subsidiary: BEA Electronics, in Beijing, China.

BEA Japan Tokyo

Founding of new Asian subsidiary: BEA Japan, in Tokyo, Japan.


Integration of BEA in the British HALMA Group


Founding of SENSORIO®, the department dedicated to markets outside the door business.

BEA insdustrial

Founding of an industrial department for industrial doors.

BEA ISO 9001

ISO 9001: 2008 certification

BEA 50th anniversary

BEA celebrates its 50th anniversary.


BEA divides its solutions into 6 major activities.


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