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Opening, area surveillance and safety sensor for industrial doors

Technology: Laser
Detection field:
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Opening, area surveillance and safety sensor for industrial doors

The LZR®-WIDESCAN sensor uses laser technology, based on analysis of time of flight. By generating 7 tilted laser curtains, the sensor creates a volumetric area in front of the door. One device can carry out 3 functions: opening the door, areas surveillance and safety. More than just a sensor, it improves the comfort and safety of the users and increases the protection of the door.


  • bea-widescan-industrial-field

    Volumetric coverage

    A matrix of 64 pixels in front of the door enables accurate distance measurement and offers advantages, such as calculation of object dimensions and trajectory.

  • bea-widescan-industrial-protection

    Door protection

    The LZR®-WIDESCAN becomes your doorkeeper. It detects approaching or parked vehicles accurately in order to prevent any contact with the door.

  • bea-widescan-industrial-energy-saving-rejection-filter-traffic

    Energy savings

    Thanks to the reliability of its presence detection, the sensor reduces the time-lag and guarantees earlier closing of the door. The analysis of trajectory, height and type of object enable filtering out parallel traffic and ignoring pedestrians if desired.

  • bea-widescan-industrial-environment-floor

    Independent of floor and environment

    Laser technology offers a high level of independence when confronted with weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, etc.

  • Easy setup via APP

    This mobile app helps you to adjust and fine-tune the LZR®-WIDESCAN sensor. Invisible detection fields can be visualised and easily adjusted with real-time feedback.

    With BEA’s app, setting up and configuring the LZR®-WIDESCAN has never been easier. Connect to your sensor via Bluetooth, launch a teach-in and view your field settings.

    Discover the mobile app
  • Save energy

    The Thermotool simulates your energy efficiency in just a few clicks. Depending on location, door type and traffic flow this tool shows you how sensing solutions can improve the energy efficiency of your industrial door.

    Calculate your energy savings
  • Virtual pull cords

    Busy industrial facilities contain many touchpoints that can easily be avoided by upgrading to touchless activation. The LZR®-WIDESCAN is a laser sensor for opening, area surveillance and safety in industrial environments. As a touchless alternative to mechanical pull cords, you can add up to three virtual activators to open the door intentionally.

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