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Safety sensor with intentional opening for swing doors
Technology Laser


The LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW is a safety sensor designed for swing doors. Using laser time-of-flight technology, its volumetric detection field covers the complete opening area of the door, guaranteeing more comfort and safety to the users. Completely touchless. It prevents any contact with the user by avoiding sudden movements of door leaves. The coverage of the hinge area and the leading edge area is increased to avoid any risk of contact.


elder people passing through a double swing door

High comfort for all users

If a person or an object is present in the pathway, the door does not make any sudden movements thanks to the 4 laser curtains. Any risk of contact with the door is prevented whatever type of swing door.

young girl playing around a swing door

Minimizing the risk zones

The high resolution volumetric curtains of the LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW detects fingers and bodies in the entire detection area, allowing a perfect safety of the hinge zone. If needed, you can also activate the coverage of the leading edge to safeguard this part of the door.

hand opening a door contacless

Hygienic contactless opening

Thanks to a third output, the LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW also has an activation function, ensuring hygienic and on demand opening of the door. You can choose between creating up to 2 push buttons or using the curtains to activate the door, without the inconvenience of wiring new switches.

dad and youg girl visiting nursery

A bacteria-free safety solution

The LZR®-FLATSCAN 3D SW offers a hygienic safety solution by avoiding the use of mechanical finger protection.
No maintenance and cleaning is required to fight the spread of bacteria.

Detection field


LZR-FLATSCAN 3D SW Safety sensor with intentional opening for swing doors, touchless, contactless
Table of specifications


LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement


Detection mode



Max. detection range

4m (diagonal) with reflectivity of 2% (i.e. : at W = 1.5m -> max. H = 3.7m)


Field of view

Door wing safety : 80° / Hinge area safety : 20°


Angular resolution

Curtain 1 : 0.2° / Curtain 2 : 1° / Curtain 3 : 1.7° / Curtain 4 : 2.5°


Typ. min. object size

2cm @ 4m in curtain C1



700 mm × 300 mm × 200 mm (testbody CA according to EN16005 & DIN18650)


Emission characteristics


Wavelength 905 nm; max. output pulse power

25 W; Class 1


Supply voltage

12-24V DC ± 15%


Power consumption

≤ 2 W


Response time

Typ. <120 ms / Max. 220 ms (curtain 2)



Max. switching voltage

Max. switching current

3 electronic relays (galvanic isolation - polarity free)

42 V AC/DC

100 mA



1 RGB LED : detection/output status



145 mm (L) × 88 mm (H) × 60 mm (D) ( mounting base + 7 mm )


Material - Colour

PC/ASA - Black - Aluminium - White


Tilt angles

0° to +5° (without mounting base)


Protection degree

IP44 (EN 60529)


Temperature range

-25°C to +60°C



0-95% non-condensing



< 2 G


Norm conformity

This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
All values measured in specific conditions and with a specific temperature of 25°C.

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