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Opening and presence sensor for interior train doors
Technology Active Infrared
RS-15 the opening and presence sensor for interior train doors


Sensor with combined functions for internal doors, the RS-15 is designed to open doors when needed and keep them open in case of presence in the threshold for the passenger comfort and safety. Very flexible detection area thanks to a matrix of 3 × 5 configurable spots with a typical detection area of 1.2 m × 1 m at 2.2 m mounting height.


Flexible detection area

Based on the 15 available spots, 9 different shapes of detection areas are available as presettings to cover different types of platforms, entrance areas, aisles, etc.

Combined functions

Motion and presence detection in 1 sensor

Compact design

Compact housing, conceived for every train design with a focus on aesthetics.

Easy installation

Tilt angle accessible even when sensor is recessed and configurable parameters adjustable by remote control.

Detection field


RS-15 opening and presence sensor for interior train doors
Table of specifications


active infrared


Detection mode:

opening and presence


Detection zone:
(mounting height 2 m; tilt angle 20°)

1 m (W) x 1.2 m (D)
15 independent IR-spots with a diameter of typ. 130 mm


Reaction time:

< 100 ms


Supply voltage:

12V - 30V AC ±10%; 12V - 45V DC ±10%


Mains frequency:

50 - 60 Hz


Power consumption:

< 3 W (VA)


Max. contact voltage:
Max. contact current:
Max. switching power:

relay (free of potential change-over contact)
42 V AC - 60 V DC
1A (resistive)
30 W (DC) / 42 VA (AC)


Connection on sensor side:

unpluggable integrated 7-pin connector


Hold time:

0.5 s to 9 s (adjustable)



red and orange


Mounting height:

max. 2.5 m (flush-mounting)


Degree of protection:



Temperature range:

-25 °C to + 55 °C (operating); -30 °C to + 60 °C (storage)



140 mm (W) x 38 mm (H) x 55 mm (D)


Tilt angles:

0° to 20° vertical in steps of 4°






100 g


Norm conformity (sensor without cable):

EN 50155 (if nominal supply voltage is 24 V)
EN 45545-2; NF F16-101; EN 50121-3-2; EN 50581


Norm conformity (cable):

This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.


Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice – Measured in specific conditions.

  • Universal remote control for the adjustments of our sensors.

    Universal remote control for the adjustments of our sensors.


    Tool for visualising the exact position of infrared curtains.

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